Nzinga Mbande is my pseudonym. The real Nzinga Mbande was a 17th century warrior queen of Ndongo, an African nation now known as Angola.

I write under a pseudonym to protect my privacy. Just because I share my thoughts doesn’t mean I want to share my private life. I’m a private citizen, not a celebrity. Therefore, I’m entitled to a private life no matter what the increasingly encroaching world governments think. I guard my privacy fiercely, and that is also why my profile picture is not my picture but the image of a lovely, young Black woman whom I found on the internet.

I use this space to write about a variety of issues that interest or impact me. I write from the perspective of an American woman of African descent, who is bisexual, queer, educated, agnostic, and middle income.

My opinions are my own. You are welcome to leave your opinion provided you know how to engage in civil discourse with an air of civility. Comments that are racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, effemiphobic, spiritually/religiously abusive, or violent, will not be published. If you attempt to leave such a comment, your IP address will be recorded, reported to the appropriate authority, and blocked.